Caithness Yarns

Caithness Yarns offer high quality, often unique yarns from High welfare flocks up here in the “True” North (including my own).  Our range has a series of yarns from the old fashioned style of hill sheep here in Caithness and Sutherland, these demonstrate the greatness of the wool you can get if you breed for it and focus relentlessly on sheep health and welfare.  The other strand to Caithness Yarns are our “Rare Breed” yarns.  Starting with our own flock of Castlemilk Moorit sheepies, we offer one-off, unique small batch yarns mostly undyed and unbleached.  As a matter of good ethical business practice Caithness Yarns use a concept for sourcing the fleece that makes your yarns we call “Living Value”, this means we set a respectful value for fleece when we buy it that better reflects the hard work and care that good farmers and crofters lavish on their stock.