White Hill Elementals

White Hill Elementals – The Priscilla Wool Project is about offering an alternative for those who want to use wool but would like a gentler alternative to traditionally farmed wool. Priscilla was born into a traditional flock her mother came back pregnant from a neighbouring field and 5 months later produced the lovely Priscilla, who’s wool was a completely different colour and texture from her 299 friends. The positive thing is that it triggered her owners into thinking what could be done differently – they do what they call ‘Gentle Farming’ so not organic but minimal chemicals and stress on their sheep and they have a desire to further improve on that. The decision was taken that Priscilla and her ‘line’ will live out their lives on the farm and will instead of going to market will be involved in testing a new way of wool growing that could perhaps lead the farm down a different commercial path.