Friends of the Festival


We wouldn’t be able to do what we do, without you.  Thank you to every single one of the following people – our Friends – who have donated the price of a single day entry ticket (£12.00) or more to support us during this difficult year.


Shadow Gilboa-Way   ?   Pamela Denny   ?   Fiona Gilbraith   ?   Morag Kelly   ?   Emma Brown   ?   Ella Smith   ?   Nicky Fijalkowska   ?   Laura Bailes   ?   Wilma Alexander   ?   André de Castro   ?   Margarita Aparicio Morell   ?   Jo Rattrie   ?   Benson Rattrie   ?   Hagrid Rattrie   ?   Leslie Maynard   ?   Harriette Alcock   ?   Alma Bali   ?   Sara Fowles    ?   Helen Winnicott    ?   Nicola Muir    ?   Laura Pickavance    ?   Lorna Reid    ?   Alison Mayne    ?   Kate Cryle    ?   Hazel Wotherspoon   ?   Pomme Bour    ?   Joanne Forman    ?   Alice Coupel    ?   Alison Robertson    ?   Lesley Taylor    ?   Estelle Hughes  ?   Mark Hughes  ?   Margaret Hewitson   ?   Corinna Klimek    ?   Janice Pitt    ?   Rachel Browne    ?   Hannah Ross    ?   Jillian Thom    ?   Margaret Ugolotti    ?   Linda Hellgren   ?   Diella Taylor    ?   Laura Fleming   ?   Ishrat Khawja    ?   L Fisher   ?   Christelle Bagea  ?   Beverley Dott    ?   Lisa Wagner   ?   Shona Mason   ?   Zsuzanna Orthodoxou    ?   Maria Zilakou


The financial effects of Covid-19 have hit all small businesses hard.  Some of the worst hit are those who organise events, many of whom are facing an entire year without an income, and at the same time looking at increasing costs to deliver safe events in the future.

Perth Festival of Yarn relies on ticket sales from our festival-goers to invest in the infrastructure of our events, to enable us to invite and pay our diverse tutors and lecturers a fair fee, as well as to pay our full-time Director a wage.

We have refunded all our 2020 vendor’s deposits instead of rolling them on to 2021 as we felt that this was the right thing to do.  Like all small businesses in our sector, we have also made significant loses in investment in this year’s event that we are unable to get back.

As a response to this we have set up Friends of the Festival, an initiative where you can choose to donate any amount to Perth Festival of Yarn to help us get through these unsettling times.  All donations of £12.00 or above will be considered a “Friends” donation, and we will add your name to this dedicated page on our website as a thank you.  We will also email you an image to use on your social media. Alternatively we can keep your donation anonymous; just let us know if this is what you would prefer.  You can make your donation through PayPal to and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.