the Knitter podcast lounge

We are delighted to announce our working partnership with Immediate Media who are kindly sponsoring The Knitter Podcast Lounge.


The Knitter Podcast Lounge is an area available to all attending the Festival and is situated on the second-floor, next to the cafe, overlooking our inspiring Vendors’ Gallery.


The following podcasters, vloggers and bloggers have hold us they will be visiting Perth Festival of Yarn this year:


Amy from the Stranded Podcast. (Pre-order your limited edition commemorative skein of Perth Festival of Yarn Stranded Dyeworks yarn here:)


Shameka from Mekamika Shop


Pip from Tipsy Knits Podcast


Louise from Caithness Craft Collective


Eli from Skeindeer Knits


Rosie from Pixel Atlantis Podcast


Kirsty from Grianaig Creations


Helen from Stitch with Sprite966


John from Beardychiel’s Knitting Banter


Toni, Terri and Steph from Knit Three Together Podcast


Julie from Carrot Corriander


Lise from TréLiz


Ellen from KalokshekEllen


Anna from Yarnesty


Lorna from Never at a Loose End


Emily from Popcorn + Crocodiles


Jen from Crochet Bouquet Blog


Helen from Giddy Yarns




The Knitter Podcast Lounge Programme Saturday:


11:30am – 12:30pm Caithness Croft Pop-Up

11:30am – 12:30pm #menwhoknit Meet-Up (men who crochet, spin or weave also welcome)

12:30pm – 1:30pm Meet Your Podcasters and Bloggers

 3:30pm – 4pm #ExplorationPodKal



The Knitter Podcast Lounge Programme Sunday:


11:30am – 12:30pm #menwhoknit Meet-Up (men who crochet, spin or weave also welcome)

11:30am – 12:30pm Grianaig Creations Pop-Up

12:30pm – 1:30pm Meet Your Podcasters and Bloggers

3:30pm – 4pm The Knitter KAL Meet-Up



The Knitter is the premier magazine for confident knitters who are looking for beautiful, original patterns from the world’s best designers. Each issue of this collectable magazine has more than 12 gorgeous, inspiring patterns which are aimed at expert knitters and those looking to stretch and improve their skills. The designs are supplemented by informative, in-depth articles from experts around the globe and advice on new yarns and products that are available to enhance their knitting hobby. Every month, The Knitter also delivers expert, in-depth Masterclass features which are aimed at learning new techniques and help readers to become more confident, proficient knitters. With its focus on high-quality designs and best-in-class photography, The Knitter is a hugely respected magazine within the knitting community and a must-read for all confident and creative knitters.