Showcase Presentation

Our free* presentation this year will be delivered by Andy Cuthbertson, Heritage and Engagement Manager at New Lanark World Heritage Site.



Andy lives for history and it’s preservation; particularly focusing on socialism and Scottish Industry.  Their talk at the Scottish Wool Producers Showcase this year is ‘From the Highlands to the Calton;  A History of Scottish Textiles through migration, socialism, and revolution’.

“From tartan scarves to the Paisley pattern, Scottish textiles and their relationship with the world have changed over the years.  Mary, Queen of Scots was known to love the plaids worn by Highlanders, those same Highlanders who had their tartans banned following the failed rebellion of 1745-6, and Outlander-mania brought Scottish textiles to a brand new audience.  But what of the people behind these textiles?  This presentation will explore the lives of weavers, chartists and children from all over Scotland, set against the backdrop of the Industrial Revolution and our changing relationships with our national dress”.