The Wool Spinners

Hello, we’re the Wool Spinners and we are thrilled to be sponsoring The Scottish Wool Producers Showcase!

If the name doesn’t give it away, we spin wool; our wool, your wool, wool from collectives, you name it!  We’re specialists in what we do and we love it.  We’re a close knit team; some of us have been working together for over a decade and our focus is making the best yarns possible.  All of our processing is undertaken in Yorkshire to keep our air (and road) miles as low as possible.  We’re big on British fibres and work hard to do our bit to boost the UK’s woolly economy.

We work with small and large batch fibres, so whether you have 50kg or 50 tonnes we’re able to work with you.  If you don’t have your own wool but have an idea, we can supply fibre for that too.

Our website is a mine of information but we love a good chat too, so feel free to get in touch to explore your options and see how we can add value to your clip (but with no obligation – we know that you need to do the maths and the price comparisons!)  thewoolspinners