LifeLong Yarns

Lifelong Yarns create luxury yarns from the fleece of the Scottish Blackface sheep that is grown, spun and dyed in the Scottish Borders.

“Our ethos is very important to us – ‘Good for the knitter, good for the shepherd, good for the Earth.’
Good for the knitter – we offer yarns which have previously only been available to discerning hand-spinners. These yarns create garments which will last and last.

Good for the shepherd – we pay up to ten times the market price (as established by the British Wool Marketing Board) for Blackface fleece which meets our criteria.

Good for the Earth – our ‘yarn miles’ are minimal (our yarns are grown, spun and sold within a 50 mile radius) and our yarns create long lasting garments which can replace plastic-based outerwear.”