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André de Castro is a knitwear designer, researcher and instructor with degrees in design and fashion illustration who is based in Porto, Portugal.

André’s initial training was as a classical violinist, however, 8 years ago he decided to embrace the passion he has for the textile arts and dedicated himself entirely to knitting. From that moment on he has travelled around Europe to learn and develop in depth the most diverse aspects relating to his profession from the very best international experts on the individual styles.

Lace by Music Class

8 September, 10am – 1pm
Venue Atholl Room, The Station Hotel, 1 Leonard Street, PH2 8HE 

Lace by Music is a type of lace border and edging knitting practiced by women in the most remote villages of Portugal. André continues to develop his research and personal collection of samples across the country in this inspiring field.

These lace patterns are mostly constructed using purl stitches and for that purpose a special “code” has been created to pass those designs from generation to generation. This “code” is the so-called “music” of the lace and is composed of a series of symbols created by women who at that time did not know how to read or write.

In this class students will learn:

  • The historical approach to Lace by Music
  • An explanation of the symbols and how to interpret them
  • Create Music by Lace samples


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Portuguese Lace by Music | Introduction to Portuguese Knitting


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