Lunan Bay Cashmere: A Presentation (12pm)


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This is a ticket for entry to our Lunan Bay Cashmere Presentation at the Scottish Wool Producers Showcase.  It does not gain you entry to the Showcase itself, or any other presentations at this event.


Since 2016, farmers Jillian and Neil McEwan have specialised in rearing Scottish Cashmere goats at Lunan Bay Farm in Angus, Scotland.  They currently have the UK’s largest commercial Cashmere herd, over 150 head.  In 2020, Lunan Bay Farm produced their first batch of hand combed Cashmere yarn, in partnership with The Border Mill in Duns.  This is the first time in 30 years since Scottish Cashmere has been homegrown, harvested, and spun in Scotland.

The fibre from Cashmere goats is unique in terms of it’s softness, warmth and yield.  Cashmere goats grow a double coat of the outer coarser guard hair, and an incredibly soft winter undercoat of pure Cashmere, of which the yield is between 150-250g per annum per goat.  Lunan Bay Farm gently hand comb their goats’ undercoats every spring, when it naturally casts.  The raw Cashmere contains guard hairs which are removed by a dehairing process, an additional costly step which results in only 50% spinable Cashmere fibre.



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