Burns Night

25th January is an important day in the calendar to Scots both home and abroad.  It’s when we celebrate our National Bard – Robert Burns – pioneer of the Romantic Movement and Lover of the Lassies.

Many will mark the occasion with a Burns Supper, a tradition that dates back to 1801, at which haggis, neeps, tatties, and whisky are typically served, and a great many of Burn’s works are performed and speeches given.  The list of these are substantial but once the Selkirk Grace has been made they include Address to a Haggis, The Immortal Memory, Address to the Lassies, and Reply to the Laddies.  For more detail on the programme of a Burns Supper we’d recommend visiting here:  Burns_supper



So, the logical next step would be to look for Burns inspired craft patterns, right?

First up we found this incredible portrait cross stitch chart on etsy from TinyHouseStitchery:



The we took a trip over to LoveCrafts where we discovered this tea cosy by Susan Cowper:



Ruth Bailey and Jackie Holt have taken it one step further with their Knit Your Own Scotland book which contains this pattern of the Bard.  I think I’m going to have to make him:



for more about the patterns

For the chart by TinyHouseStitcher:  robbie-burns-portrait-cross-stitch

For the Robert Burns Tea Cosy pattern:  robert-burns-tea-cosy

Knit Your Own Scotland may be found in your local yarn shop or independent book shop.  If all else fails you can get a copy here:  Knit-Your-Scotland


Cartha Crafters

Cartha Crafters is a brand new social group in Glasgow with an emphasis on needlecraft skills such as quilting and patchwork; although knitters and crocheters are also welcome.


Meeting every Sunday between 2pm and 4pm at the Club House Committee Room, Cartha Queens Park Rugby Club, 92 Drumbeck Road, entry is (currently) free but please help support the club by purchasing a drink or snack to enjoy while you’re there.  For more information please contact their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CraftersatCarthaQP